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Pool Tips 2

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★ Pool Tips 2 progresses from fundamental techniques to intermediate techniques, such as different shot types and their effect on the tangent line. A set of 14 intermediate level pool lessons/billiards lessons.★ Pool Tips 2 is packed with dynamic and interesting videos of tips and advice to give you a solid framework of sound fundamental techniques, now moving up a gear to intermediate level methods.
★ What is unique about the Pool Tips series is that there is no dull, dogmatic teaching style, tying you down to just one variation of a method. Different methods and styles are discussed for you to build upon and develop your own unique playing style.
☆ Stop Shot☆ Tangent Line (introduction)☆ 90 Degree Rule☆ Draw☆ Follow☆ Tangent Line 2☆ Cheating The Pocket☆ English☆ Frozen Balls☆ Bank Shot☆ Kick Shot☆ Drag Shot☆ Cluster Drill☆ Circle Drill
★ Pool Tips 2 is a progression from Pool Tips 1 and focuses on different shot types and the tangent line to improve positioning skills.
★ Each video is packed with information, so please get ready to use the pause and rewind button.
★ The scripts in the Pool Tips series are edited so that each sentence has a purpose toward grasping a new method.
Please note that Pool Tips 2 is a video based application, so there will be a longer download time compared to a game app for example.
✦✦✦✦ This app takes up quite a bit of memory space. Please make sure you have enough memory on your device before downloading this app as it is a video based app with a lot of information ✦✦✦✦
Wishing you fun and success with Pool Tips 2!
☆☆☆ Pool Tips 3 is currently in production ☆☆☆